This Agreement to sell is executed on 17th of July 2023 at _________ by and between.
  Mr. A S/o: Mr. B R/o: X (hereinafter called as the party no.1stwhich expression shall mean and include his legal heirs, successors etc.
Mr. T s/o: Mr. Y R/o: Z hereinafter called as the party no.2nd which expression shall mean and include her legal heirs, successors etc.

Whereas, the Party no.1st is the absolute owner in possession of the land measuring about (02 Marlas)falling under survey No. 2862 Bay situated at __________ which is free from all encumbrances whatsoever.

Whereas the party no.1st hereby has agreed to sell the aforesaid land along with all easementary rights in the hands of the party no.2nd for total consideration amount of Rs.3,10,000/-(Rupees Three Lac and Ten Thousands only). Which amount has already been paid by the Party 2nd in favour of Party 1st through Online mode Mpay vide Reference Numbers;
317509137784 Dated 24-06-2023 (One Lakh)
317214651706 Dated 21-06-2023 ( Fifty Thousands)
319815346416 Dated 17-07-2023 (One Lakh Sixty Thousand)

1. That the possession of the said land has been delivered by the party no.1st towards the party no.2nd on spot and the party no.2nd is in actual possession of the same. 
2. That the party No.2nd shall be treated to be the absolute owner of the subject matter of this sale agreement. 
3. That the party no.1st shall not cause any sort of interference into the legal and peaceful possession of the party no.2nd, whereas the party no.2nd shall get the land in question mutated in his own name in the revenue records by the revenue authorities and the party no.1st shall have no objection for the same.
4. That the party no.1st has no objection in case the party no.2nd in future will approach to the revenue authorities for issuance of any revenue extract viz-a-viz the land in question.
5. That the party no.2nd shall be treated to be the absolute owner of the above mentioned land for all purposes.
6. That the party no.1st shall be bound to execute the sale deed in favour of the partyno.2ndviz-a-viz the aforesaid land after obtaining relevant revenue papers from the revenue authorities.
7. That the parties of this agreement are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement, whereas in case of breach of terms and conditions of this agreement by either of the parties the defaulting party shall be bound pay an penalty amount of Rs.1,00,000/- in addition to the consideration amount.

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF: the parties have set and subscribed their hands/thumb impressions unto this agreement to sell on the day and date mentioned herein above in the presence of the following Witnesses.

1. ________________________            Party No.1st
Son of ______________  
R/o _____________

2. __________________
S/o ________________     
R/o ________________
                                                          Party No.1st

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